Fall is Here!

Last time I checked we are past September 21st which means it is officially Fall! Beings that we live in Las Vegas, it may not feel like it in the afternoons as we are still hovering around 90 degrees, but in the morning it has been a beautiful 65 so it is really just around the corner.



I am currently booking sessions through the end of the year and I still have some session availability for October.

Here is what I have available:

October 11 morning only
October 12 late afternoon only
October 18 morning only
October 19 late afternoon only
October 25 late afternoon only

If you are interesting booking a session, please contact me soon at info@chrisjenkinsphotography.com or 702-232-0270.

I look forward to hearing from you:)



Blog Updates are Headed Your Way

Today finds me in a frenzy of wrapping up editing of client galleries, putting in client orders, packaging and shipping out client orders, and designing some beautiful gifts for my clients to give to loved ones featuring their session images.

Have you done all of your Christmas shopping yet?  A family photography session would be a fantabulous gift to give to someone you love.  I mean how awesome would it be to have fun, beautiful images to hang on the wall?!!!  I have gift certificates available and I promise it will be a gift they will remember and treasure forever. Hint hint!

December also brings for my family a flurry of holiday activities and concerts and recitals and soccer tournaments for my kids.

Which leaves little time for anything else.  Like blogging.

I have had some fantastic sessions this year and I plan to share the images I have created with you really soon.

Til then, Happy Holidays to you and yours and I will leave you with one of my very favorite images this year  . . .




Greetings from Chicagoland

Hi!  Just where in the world is Chris Jenkins Photography?

Well at the current moment, I am in Chicago, Illinois shooting a few sessions and enjoying a bit of time with one of my very good friends.  The weather has proven to be a bit of an adversary – the wind and rain made for bumpy travel on the way into the Windy City, one session reschedule, and one almost no session  – but as they say “HAVE FAITH” and guess what?

So far, we have perservered.

Here is a sneak peek from Friday’s maternity session:

This gorgeous mama is due to have her baby sometime soon and was a trooper – we trudged up a muddy hill to capture the sunset stormy sky and fall forest behind her – isn’t nature a beautiful backdrop for this stunning mom-to-be?

Next up, I spent some time with these 3 siblings.  I have photographed these kiddos for quite some time – even way before the handsome little guy in the middle was born.  All I can say is kids grow up so fast!  It has been a honor to document how these siblings have changed and grown.  Earlier today we did a combo shoot – we spent half the time with them dressed in their cute fall attire and the other half in costume.  Here is a sneak peek from their session:


Next up, I had the honor of photographing this beautiful family.  Mom is a photographer too.  This wonderful family was just blessed with a new addition a few short weeks ago.

Here is one of my session favorites:

And here is a fun sample wall display that I put together with just the images I “sneak-peeked” earlier this evening:

I have one more session tomorrow and then I am headed back to Las Vegas.

In case you didn’t already know, Friday in Las Vegas is a day off from school.  With the kids out of school, would it not be a great time to have your family photographed?  I still have session availability for Friday, October 26th, 2012.    I also have a few sessions still available for November.   If you are interested in booking a session with me, please email me ASAP at info@chrisjenkinsphotography.com so that we can get you and your loved ones on the calendar.

If you haven’t already, visit my Facebook Page and LIKE my Page to keep up with sneak peeks of my latest work, inspiration, and news.



I Want to Cause You to Emote

Hi!  How are you!  After a bit of a break,  I had a great weekend of sessions here in Las Vegas.

I was a bit worried for the weather as earlier in the week brought a couple of days of torrential downpour and Friday evening my family froze their butts off at the UNLV soccer game.  The little bit of worry was all for naught because when I woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, and the tiny tiny slice of sunshine was peeking over the mountains, I could see it was going to be a beautiful day.  And it was!   I had a great time shooting an early morning session with a wonderful family – it took a moment for the littlest one to warm up – but once we got going, mom, dad, and the kids let loose, we had fun, and I was able to capture some great images.

I am really excited to work with a bunch of new families as well as many returning families this fall/holiday season.   I am also excited to be shooting in new places and to get creative with how I shoot places I have visited before.

However, the thing that gets me going the most is the chance to see the reactions of the family and friends to their session images.  Pictures should not only be beautiful or spark your interest, they should make you FEEL something.  With every session I do, it is my goal to create images that not only celebrate the beauty of the family but their personalities as well.  Someone once told me that the thing they love most about the images I create is that even though she did not know the people in my photographs, she felt like she knew them – the kind of people they were, how the parents love their kids, the bond between siblings, how much of a spitfire a little toddler seemed to  be . . .

And that is why I LOVE my job.  I get to document life moments.  And so with every session, I keep my eyes wide open for them.  And you want to know something?  Little chance moments caught are often my favorite images.  Not the posed ones.  Truth be told I don’t like to pose my subjects. When I first started taking pictures, I used to think it was all about the posing, and getting the whole family looking at the camera.  It really isn’t.   I think it is more so about how you gather people in and how you get them to fall together naturally.  I think this change in my perspective has made all the difference in the images I create.

In the coming weeks, I hope to get in a good blogging rhythm – sharing not only some session images, but also my thoughts and feelings about photography, some awesome things you can do with your session images, other cool products besides prints and canvas, and whatever comes to mind.

If you are reading this and thinking, “I want to book a session!”  I still have some sessions available this fall/holiday season.  However, they are going very very quickly!  So don’t hesitate, click on the contact button up at the top and send me an email and let’s get in touch and set something up!

One more thing.  The missing sections up top will become FOUND by the middle of the week.  Would you believe that I have a hard time picking images for the galleries?  I love them all. And writing something about myself is not as easy as I thought.  I also am trying to write some good answers to all those great questions clients ask.  Again, I thank all my awesome clients and potential new clients for bearing with me during the transition from my old website!

As Monday is now here, I will leave you with one of my session favorites from this weekend.  Have a great week!




The Dust Storm Continues and What is that? Is that? Could it Be? Do I spy a Blog?

I have been photographing people here and there for a bit and I confess I have never had a blog dedicated exclusively to my photographic work and all the creativeness running around in my head.

Until now!

Better late than never!  Right?

The current moment finds me deep into creating page content for this blogsite.   I confess the whole process has taken me a little longer than I intended – while I have an eye for imagery and design, I am not quite as tech-savvy as I would like.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you kind souls for being forgiving of my dust here while I have moved stuff around.  I also want to thank you for going over to my Facebook page and following my latest work and inspiration there.  If you haven’t been, click the little Facebook stamp icon at the top right and it will take you there!

The dust storm continues here and in other areas as well.  I have new packaging, digital file delivery, and cool new product on the way.  I also have a new PDF brochure and a client area on the site in the works where clients can go to get inspiration on what to wear, how to display their images, and how to make their session a success.

I also want to take a moment to say that fall session slots are filling up quickly so if you are thinking about a session, contact me soon.  And I mean sooner than later!

Next week a newsletter will be out with the latest news and updates on the happenings at Chris Jenkins Photography.

And because what would a blog about photography be without any pictures, I will post this cute one from a session I did Labor Day weekend.